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Price per kilo: 130 Nok
Weight: 4 to 6 Kilo
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Norwegian Farm Salmon

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Atlantic Ocean Salmon

Raised in the clear, cold water where it grows slowly and therefore gains a pure and fresh taste. It’s packed with proteins, marine Omega-3, vitamins (especially fat-soluble vitamins A and D) and minerals, making it a highly nutritious choice.

If you order for your homeland we will have two transport mode

For fresh Salmon send by Air. Deliver in 3 days. Minimum order book 1000 kg.

Frozen Salmon send by Ship. Deliver in 15 days. Minimum order 20 ton (one cotainer).

Shelf Life:

 Fresh salmon: packing day + 15 days

  Fresh fillets: packing day + 12 days

  Frozen fillets / whole fish : 365 days


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Weight 4 kg


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